Gum Reshaping & Contouring


In the same way as  a  photograph or a portrait needs a well balanced frame to display it at its  best, so too do our smiles. In some situations too much or an uneven gum display can detract from our appearance. So even in instances where the teeth are healthy and good looking, the overall appearance will be significantly influenced by the gum architecture. Procedures to rectify imbalances include orthodontics, simple Gingivo-Plasties  and crown lengthening surgery .

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An intact gum is a natural defence against both trauma and bacterial penetration.  This will often result in sensitivity, poor aesthetics and decay.

Not all gum recession needs to be treated and sometimes the solution is as simple as stopping to brush aggressively and use of a soft bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor to guide you.

Gum reshaping & contouring

When severe, gum grafting techniques are available to replace the lost gum and reinstate the natural function. A donor site is used to provide the missing gum. Either a thin piece of gum tissue is taken from your hard palate or a small strip is gently moved from an adjacent site. The graft will typically cover the portion of root that is exposed and be a highly predictable outcome.

In some instances, it is not necessary to use your own tissue and other graft materials can be used.

Ideally all graft procedures should be performed by specialist periodontists. Dental loving care refers primarily to Dr Kevin Todes and David Grossberg at the Sydney Periodontist Centre