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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach to Treatment Planning and Prioritisation

We understand that dental treatment can be costly and time consuming, so we will formulate a treatment plan which will include a costing and order of priority so any dental problems can be addressed in a way which will reduce physical and financial burden and get your mouth back to a good state of health.

It is obvious that not all mouths present similar issues. Equally, individual people with similar oral health conditions may have different treatment goals and objectives. Decades of experience have taught our Dentists and our team that it is vital that our patients get treated primarily as people with oral health complaints, rather than gum and dental conditions attached to people.

Regardless of individual priorities all examinations are done comprehensively so as to ensure that any existing pathology is discovered and future risks identified. It is the guiding philosophy of our practice to fully and objectively inform our patients of the findings of all of the above and to then present all valid treatment alternatives and relative costs for your consideration. We are acutely aware of the common barriers to best practice therapy. Financial cost, fear of procedure and time constraints are the three recurring limitations we regularly encounter.

Remember our goal is to help you improve your oral health status in a manner that you feel best suits your needs and circumstances and so no judgements are passed regardless of treatment choices. Where requested we are happy to advise what we might choose to do if you were a family member or close friend.

Once a final decision has been made by you a subjective personalised treatment plan, associated costs and scheduling will be issued to you. Our Dentists prides themselves on their level of commitment to ongoing education and uses the most up to date techniques, materials and protocols.

We offer complete family practice from kid’s dental and custom mouthguards to gum disease treatment. View some of our general and preventative treatments below. We welcome new patients.
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