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Dentures can help patients to
How we do it: Step by Step

Dentures, also referred to as “false teeth”, are prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. False teeth are most commonly removable but can be fixed to dental implants or in the case of fixed partial dentures be glued to natural teeth in the form of a bridge.

The denture can either be worn on the top and or bottom jaw, and can be full dentures [replacing all the teeth on an arch] or partial dentures which replace just one or more missing teeth.

False teeth are typically made out of acrylic teeth [older denture patients may remember the days of porcelain teeth] on an acrylic or metal framework base.

There are a variety of shades of pink acrylic and multiple variations of tooth colour so creating a denture that is natural looking is relatively easily achieved.

Dentures can help patients to

  1. Chew properly
  2. Look natural by creating a natural looking smile and filling in the spaces caused by bone loss after extraction of teeth
  3. Speak better as many sounds require teeth to be enunciated properly
  4. Regain lost self esteem

How we do it: Step by Step

1st visit – consultation and discussion regarding options – treatment planned and quoted

2nd visit – impressions [moulds] made

3rd visit – bite registration

4th visit – try in and verification

5th visit – delivery of final denture