15 December 2017

How to Protect Teeth from Yellowing?

How to protect teeth from yellowing? First, what are the root causes for yellow teeth? Once we have answers, we can then start with the protection of teeth from yellowing. Let’s begin.

Thinning enamel

The two common causes of yellowing teeth are thinning enamel and stains from drinks and diet. Let’s start with thinning enamel.

When the enamel becomes thin, the underlying dentin (which appears yellowish) becomes more visible. Even if it’s partial erosion of the enamel, its resulting translucence makes the dentin more noticeable and dominant in colour.

The enamel becomes thinner through age (wear and tear). However, the process accelerates due to dry mouth and acids. The acids from the food debris and bacteria can eat away the enamel. With a lower amount of saliva (dry mouth) to neutralise the acids, the process even gets faster.

Stains from drinks and diet

Common drinks such as coffee and tea can also stain the teeth and cause its yellowish appearance. For example, the dark pigments from coffee might become embedded in the microscopic ridges and pits of tooth surfaces. This could result to long-term yellowing of teeth especially if the pigments remain there for long.

In addition, coffee and tea might also contribute to enamel erosion. That’s because coffee and tea are known to be acidic (these beverages might have a pH level as low as 5.0). The acids might exacerbate the yellowing of teeth.

How to protect teeth from yellowing?

Now we know the root causes of yellowing teeth. How do you protect your teeth from such fate? To prevent accelerated thinning of enamel, it’s recommended to stay hydrated (prevent drying of mouth) to neutralise acids. It’s also recommended to moderate consumption of coffee and tea to minimise yellow stains on your teeth.

In addition, a regular dental checkup and professional cleaning can halt the effects of acids and bacteria on your teeth. It’s also one of the first steps to becoming more aware about your dental health.

If you want to further protect your teeth from yellowing, you can contact us and book an appointment here at Kissing Point Dental. We will professionally clean your teeth and help maintain or improve your dental health. You can also read this page if you want to learn more about proper dental care.