05 November 2017

How to Have Natural Looking Teeth Veneers

Natural looking teeth veneers can instantly boost your confidence and help you achieve the best smile. These teeth veneers (usually made from porcelain) can correct:

  • Stained teeth
  • Crooked or uneven teeth
  • Too much exposed gum when you smile

In Pymble, New South Wales and all over the world, many people choose veneers to have a more permanent beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is only temporary and it can’t actually fix crooked teeth. In contrast, application of veneers is more long-term (can last 10-50 years). This means fewer dental visits for you. Aside from aesthetics and cosmetic improvement, veneers can even improve your bite.

People worry about this when it comes to veneers

However, many people are concerned about teeth that look unnatural. Perhaps they’ve noticed other people having teeth veneers that look distracting. Maybe the veneers are too thick or they’re just totally different from natural teeth.

It’s a huge concern especially if your main goal is cosmetic improvement and achieving the best smile. Your smile should improve your overall appearance and not just take away all the attention itself.

How to have teeth veneers that look natural

The key here is choosing an experienced dentist who can do the job perfectly. Experienced and highly trained dentists can choose the right set of adhesives and techniques. They are also known to work with highly trained ceramists who have extensive knowledge about the aesthetic integration of veneers with the individual’s smile.

Another key is for you to look at the veneers as it appears on your mouth before bonding should proceed. This way, you can still request for modifications and adjustments. You can specifically request for a whiter shade (or the opposite if it’s your preference). You can also request for a change in shape if it still doesn’t look natural for you.

Natural looking teeth veneers Pymble

To help you gain peace of mind, you should view the dentists’ past results regarding application of veneers on other patients’ teeth. You can also ask about the steps and procedures taken (e.g. inspection before bonding, the specific bonding technique used by dentist).

If you need answers to those questions today, you can send an enquiry here at Pymble Kissing Point Dental. We use the latest technology when it comes to general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.