Bad Breath


Bad breath or halitosis is a common and embarrassing problem. It is usually related to bacteria coating the tongue, tooth decay and or active gum disease/ infection. For the most part it is a temporary problem that can be easily rectified.

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Tips for Better Breath.

  1. Clean your tongue gently with tongue cleaner as directed by the dentist
  2. Have your teeth cleaned periodically ( 6 months is ideal) by our team.
  3. Brush and floss your teeth as recommended by Kissing Point Dental. Practice complete oral health and brush behind the back teeth in each row.
  4. Eat fibrous vegetables, such as carrots and celery. This helps to keep the tongue clean.
  5. Clean your mouth after eating and drinking proteins, such as milk products, fish and meat. The bacterial coating breaks down protein to produce sulfur.
  6. Drink plenty of liquids but be aware that drinking too much coffee may make the situation worse.
  7. Get control over the problem. Ask a family member to tell you whenever you have bad breath.
  8. Clean your dentures very well with a denture brush and soak overnight in an antiseptic solution as recommended by your dentist.
  9. If you have a dry mouth your tongue coating will be worse. Post-nasal drip due to allergies or illness will make your breath worse, as continuous protein mucous is broken down by tongue coating and gives off sulfur.
  10. If odour comes from your nose or stomach and not from your mouth, see a doctor immediately as it may be caused by medical problems.

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