20 November 2017

How Do I Get Rid of Halitosis?

How do I get rid of halitosis? It’s a common and important problem for teens, adults and elderly people. Halitosis or bad breath affects confidence and social interaction. Worse, bad breath could be a sign of a more serious health problem.

That’s why it’s crucial to get rid of halitosis or have a dentist examine your teeth and mouth. This way, you’ll know the root cause and quickly address the issue.

Common causes of halitosis

The most common cause is poor dental hygiene and diet. After all, bad breath is often caused by bacterial growth. Bacteria can grow and multiply fast if the teeth and gums are not properly cleaned.

In addition, poor dental hygiene can cause cracks, pockets and crevices (which are difficult to access by the toothbrush) in the teeth and gums. These encourage bacterial growth which can contribute greatly to having a bad breath.

Aside from poor dental hygiene, health problems such as diabetes and kidney failure might also result to halitosis. The dentist might review your medical history and advise you to visit other specialists for your case.

Halitosis treatment and prevention

In most cases, halitosis can be easily cured with the treatment provided by the dentist and your own improved dental hygiene. It starts with an accurate diagnosis to get to the root of the problem. This could include examination of your teeth, gums and teeth restorations.

Treatment could include initial cleaning and removal of plaque. Gaps and pockets in the teeth and gums could also be addressed so there will be fewer areas for bacteria to thrive. When it comes to long-term prevention, dental hygienists could design a custom program for you to get rid of halitosis and even prevent dental problems.

How do I get rid of halitosis

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