30 October 2017

Friendly Dentist for Kids: How to Ensure a Fun Visit

Searching for a friendly dentist for kids? Do you want to make the dental visit enjoyable for your child? Ask fellow parents and they’ll tell you that it’s truly a challenging task.

Good news is, it’s still possible to minimise the anxiety and make your child feel relaxed during normal dental procedures. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a fun clinic and staff

This makes a huge difference. Many clinics have a cold atmosphere which makes kids feel uncomfortable. Also take note that a clinic can be an unfamiliar and threatening environment for children. That’s why it’s important that the dentists and the staff are fun and friendly.

Before choosing a dentist or clinic, it’s good to try it yourself first. Take note of how the dentists and staff interact with you and other patients (especially to children). This way, you’ll gain peace of mind when it’s your child’s turn to have his or her dental check-up.

2. Ask if there are painless injections

Many children are scared of the dentist because of the possible pain they might feel. This is true especially if it’s the child first trip to the dental clinic. Children will feel unsafe because they’re unfamiliar of what’s going to happen. After all, they’re still making sense of the world. They are likely to get frightened if something new is going to happen.

Children also stick with first impressions. If their first visit is painful and negative, they might think that the next visits will be the same. That’s why it’s best to get everything right the first time. And one way to accomplish this is by ensuring there are painless injections.

3. Be there with your child during dental check-up

During their early years, children are strongly attached to their parents. Whenever you are around, that might be the only time your child feels safe. Children always need the parents’ constant presence especially when kids are in a new environment.

That’s why dentists often encourage parents to be there with the children during check-ups. Dentists even allow children to sit on the parents’ laps instead on the dental chair. This way, kids will feel safe and the parents are there to quickly comfort their children during the check-up.

Friendly dentist for kids Sydney

Here at Kissing Point Dental, we aim to make your child’s experience pleasant and non-threatening. Our friendly staff is sure to make the environment fun for your lovely child.

Contact us today and book an appointment if you want to make your child’s first dental visit a positive experience.