24 October 2017

Emergency Dentist Near Me: Find a Dentist After Hours

“I need an emergency dentist near me. I need a fast service because my teeth were cracked during a minor accident. I need to get it fixed fast so I’ll have no worries.”

You might be in that situation right now. Truly, it’s an emergency and you need a professional dental service right away. That’s why you need to contact a professional dentist near you. Whether it’s during or after hours, you need to get your teeth fixed at the soonest possible time to prevent worse problems and complications.

Reasons for calling an emergency dentist

Aside from cracked or chipped teeth because of a minor accident (sports-related or just unintentional impact to your teeth), there are other reasons why patients need an emergency dental service. Here are some:

  • Trauma to their face (cracked or damaged teeth might not be at first apparent)
  • Sudden dental pain
  • Bleeding of the teeth and/or gums
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Loss of tooth


Whichever is the case, you need to take immediate action to prevent complications. For instance, sudden dental pain (and no relief even after taking in painkillers) might be a sign of a more serious problem.

Lost tooth filling or bleeding teeth might lead to infections (which might get more expensive if you neglect it). Also, a chipped or cracked tooth can even lead to the removal of that tooth if not “repaired” immediately. The crack might get worse or bigger which makes it impossible to save the tooth.

Loss of tooth due to an accident also requires the immediate attention of a dentist. Professionals can prevent complications and infections. They can also recommend procedures and treatments if you want to restore your beautiful smile (especially if you lost a front tooth).

Emergency dentist near me Pymble

Instead of worrying about it for days, why not take action now? This way, tomorrow (or even today), your problem about your teeth will be completely solved. You can then move on and focus on the more important aspects of your life.

Contact us today for our emergency dental services. We are patient-centric which is why many people in Pymble and surrounding areas choose us for their dental needs.