04 June 2017

Dentist in Sydney discusses new ways to clean between your teeth with special tiny

Brushes called Curaprox or Piksters used instead of flossing.

  • Start with the smaller sizes and work up to a size that goes comfortably between the teeth.
  • You may need smaller ones for the front and larger in the back.
  • Cleaning your interdental spaces is important because this is where caries and periodontitis can develop without being noticed. The most efficient way to remove plaque is with the new generation of interdental brushes that do the job simply and gently.
  • Using them every day leads to reduction in bleeding gums and bad breath after just a few days.
  • Recommendation: Insert the interdental brush into each interdental space every day: in and out is all it takes. You don’t need to brush backwards and forwards. When you insert the interdental brush into an interdental space for the first time, there is frequently bleeding and it can sometimes be a little painful. Don’t worry! You are not bleeding because you have injured yourself, but because you have a small open wound there caused by plaque. Gums only bleed if they are irritated by excessive plaque.
  • If you use your interdental brush correctly, the problem will generally resolve itself after just ten days. The bleeding gums you experience at first will disappear.