10 November 2017

Dental Crowns After Care: Which Precautions to Take

Many people in Sydney now have dental crowns to achieve a better smile. Perhaps a dentist might have put them so you can achieve the same. But now you’re concerned about the dental crowns after care so they will stay intact. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the precautions you need to observe. Let’s begin.

1. Avoid putting too much pressure on the crown

In general, dental crowns are vulnerable for the first few weeks (especially within 24 hours of placement). That’s why it’s recommended to avoid eating hard and/or sticky foods. These might pull or shift the crowns.

If the crowns are partially or completely removed, some people think they can put it back themselves (it could be an automatic response). However, this has some risks because the inside of the crown and your tooth have been already exposed to bacteria. It’s best to contact an emergency dentist right away to fix the issue.

2. Observe and watch out for possible changes and replacements

Fabricating a crown requires precision and accuracy. However, you might still need a few changes or adjustments. Perhaps it could be about the fit. It could also be about the colour and relationship of the crown with the opposing and adjacent teeth.

The goal here is to ensure that the crowns fit in perfectly with your other existing teeth. It should look perfectly natural before committing to it for long term. You can always ask the dentist about the changes you need to see.

3. Wait for a few weeks for complete healing

The healing duration might vary depending on the type of crowns, the procedure done, your gums and other things. It’s recommended to ask the dentist about when you should start acting “normal.” This way, you’ll be sure that the crowns are now firmly attached. At this period, you can now smile and eat without any worries.

Even long after the crown placement, you still need to apply healthy practices such as regular brushing and flossing. The crown only protects the tooth, which is why you still need to pay attention to your dental health. After all, the health of your gums still has a huge impact both on your teeth health and overall appearance.

Dental crowns after care

In summary, you should wait for some time before proceeding with your normal eating activities. You should take the precautions so you won’t experience more hassles. This way, you will have fewer worries about your crowns and never think about having that great smile.