10 November 2017

When Does a Child First Go to the Dentist?

When does a child first go to the dentist? It’s recommended that at age one, children will be able to make their first dental visit. It’s always best to start them early on. In addition, this will prevent worse and more costly problems in the long run.

However, many other parents still take their kids to the dentist late. This might occur when the kid turns two or even up to four years old. This is not a good practice and kids might have already developed too much awareness. They might experience heavy anxiety by that age because it’s too late.

Why so early?

The baby teeth are actually crucial to the child’s development (especially when it comes to chewing, biting and even speaking). Moreover, children now are at higher risk of developing cavities. This is mainly because of a diet rich in sweets.

An early dental check-up can prevent those problems. In addition, parents will become aware about the diet of their lovely child. They can then moderate their child’s intake of sweets. Also, this shows priority on the kid’s overall health and development.

How to minimise anxiety

However, it’s not that easy to take a child to the dentist (and when the parents get successful, expect problems). That’s why some parents delay that as much as they could.

Thankfully, there are steps to make that task easier. You can start by taking your child with you for your next dental visit. This helps children gain familiarity with the place and the staff. This could also make it easier for them when it’s their turn to sit on the dental chair.

Many dentists advise that the parents should be nearby so kids will feel safe during a procedure. This will calm the children because they know their parents are still there. It also helps that both the dentists and the whole staff are fun and friendly.

When does a child first go to the dentist Sydney

If your child is age one or above, take him or her to the dentist as soon as you can. Many parents now take their kids with them during a normal dental check-up. This is to familiarise children with the environment in the clinic.

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