smoking teeth
19 June 2017

Diet, smoking and toothpaste

Dietary Changes: It is important to reduce both the quantity, and in particular the frequency, of sugar and acid intake. Snacks...


14 June 2017

Dentist in Sydney gives you some additional very important oral hygiene measures

Chlorhexidine Mouthwash reduces plaque by 55%. It also reduces cavity causing bacterial activity Patients should rinse for one minute twice daily....


brush teeth
09 June 2017

Dentist in Sydney tells you how to Brush your teeth correctly

The following are some recommendations for brushing: Go to this link below for an instructional movie clip Brushing your teeth First...


candy children
05 June 2017

Children love sweets and this can cause dental decay at an early age

Typically foods that can contribute to dental decay are those high in sugar, such as concentrated fruit snack bars, sweets and...


04 June 2017

Dentist in Sydney discusses new ways to clean between your teeth with special tiny

Brushes called Curaprox or Piksters used instead of flossing. Start with the smaller sizes and work up to a size that...


12 May 2017

Dentist in Sydney tells you how to floss correctly

In spite of the importance of flossing, less than 10% of the population performs this technique regularly. The use of dental...


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