19 September 2017

How mouth bacteria can trigger heart attack and stroke

Millions of bacteria live in your mouth and you already know that they can affect the health of your teeth and...


23 August 2017

The Danger of Soft Drinks

In general, we all agree that soft drinks taste good. What many people do not realise is how detrimental they can...


15 August 2017

Tooth Decay

Soon after brushing, a thin sticky layer forms over the surface of your teeth which contains bacteria, this is referred to...


dental anxiety
29 July 2017

Children dental care in Sydney

Anxiety about visits to the dentist – Sydney dentist David Osie gives a few tips Some children may feel anxious or...


gum cavity
15 July 2017

Dentist in Sydney discusses chewing gum and cavities

Chewing gum can make your dental cavities go away! – Family Dentistry Did you know that scientific research has proven that...


fresh breath
27 June 2017

Fresh Breath Tips

Clean your tongue gently with a Breath-So-Fresh tongue cleaner as directed by Dr Osie Have your teeth cleaned periodically by a dental...


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